Jul 30, 2009

Day 5 - Disneyland Paris

Went to the disneyland. As usual wake up early in the morning. cath the early train. Memang travelling kurang tdo n rehat. Nasib baik bertahan sbb dah praktis awal2..hehehe.

Happy Birthday to me!!!!Celebrated my beday in disneyland. Like a wish come true. Hahahahah. Thanx for the purezento girls. I got t-shirt, lollipop and minnie plush toy.

Started the day playing the indiana jones ride...which I regret so much!!! As all of u know..I hav a back pain due to struggling with the snacther (x struggle pon). When I ride this roller coaster...it hurts more coz it shakes so much n the seats is not that comfort so my back hurts all day long n I didnt play any roller coaster ride after that. Not to worry, ada kawan gak. Yin also got sick, she felt dizzy riding the roller coaster...so both of us play a simple2 game. Hehehe. My fav ride..of coz 'Its a small world'. So cute!!!! Owh ya, hav I told u that I never been to genting highland theme park??Seriously...trust me. The only theme park I hav ever been are pesta pula pinang (x main pun sbb kecik2 lg time tu) and time square (not that challenging). After this if I ppl asked me to go to genting...maybe I'll refuse to play the roller coaster (too old to play...don wanna hurt my back again, hehehe) but I'm pretty sure that ofie dont like the roller coaster too rite??? Heheheheh.

more pics (courtesy from anis,mas n a'ai-'s cam n mine too)

Disneyland Paris

p/s-nk kuar jap lg...another beday celebration for me wif the housemates.Heheheh..I loike it.



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