Jul 18, 2009

For my naughty lil Bro


Got a special bundle offer from amazon (after waiting for about 3 months). So here is it. The xbox 360 (60gb je) for my lil bro. Will only be 'him' if he pass his SPM examination wif flying colors and also be nice to me as long as I'm at home :P

The box was heavy. When I lifted it up, my back ache again (after the snacthed incident). T_T. I'm going for a vacation soon...i cant hav any body ache..muscle sore or any other 'damages' on my body. It seems that my body is 'fragile' lately. Hmm.....I think I need to ship this thing la..I cannot carry it on my luggage (ok jg tu...klu sampai awl, nnt x study spm plak). Owh..this can also be his advance beday present. Or maybe my family will get their advance beday present from me. Hehehehe.

p/s: got 3 baju kurung/kebaya for this year raya. thanx to my mum...sgt pantas dan efficient.


po said...

dj apaka murah xbox itu????sa maw la


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