Nov 12, 2008

Another Bayswater Episode

::Pussy Cats Doll - When I grew up::

Yup! We went to bayswater again today. This time to Khans Restaurant, an indian halal restaurant in bayswater. The food?Quit nice..n some more effy's uncle pay for it. Hehehehehe. Thank Q pak ngah!! We take the buffet set for only 8.50pd per head. We ate a lot...first the stater..chicken soup. Its not like our normal chicken soup..its a bit like stew n creamy soup. There's chicken,potatoes, carrot,mushroom n many more. Nyum2. N then we all attack the main dishes. I take almost everything..hahahahah!!! Briyani n naan ate with chicken curry, chicken korma, Chicken Shahi, Chicken Masala, Shahi Korma, Chicken chat (this is the starter actually..but who cares?), Brinjal Bhaji, Sag Alu (spinach cooked with potato...dis is the only dish that I didnt take ;p) and vegetable kofta. Drinks...I ordered mango,banana n orange juice. Hehehehe..the lassi. Here some pic of Khans. Very nice place...

Lets Eat!!

The yummy soup Mango lassi & Mango, banana n orange juice


Window shopping after full

Ayah Yin br masukkan duit

Happy after gettin allowance..hehehhe

Then shopping at ASDA@Leyton



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