Nov 19, 2008

PPM the boros Mantis

::Buckcherry - Sorry::

Yesterday we did our groceries at ASDA...we stop by at the BuyTheBook shop bcoz there r 70% discount for all the books. Wow!!!!My eyes when blink blink. Can't stop myself when there's discounted item. SO I end up buying 3 books. (am I that boros??) I love to read...n i love cheap books..hahaha!! (Goodbye Jimmy choo, Kissing Toads, Mixed Doubles - will review these books after i done reading it ok!!)

Dont know when to read..being bz lately. I have economics test financial accounting and financial math assignmnt need to submit this weekend. Aiyooo...

I requested for the cardigan bay tourist arrive today. Yippie!!!! Its free. Now I can plan our journey to it while I ate my baked macaroni cheese.(frozen food from ASDA)



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