Nov 16, 2008

The Making of Nasi Lemak & The Holiday

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Last friday, we make our own nasi lemak. Yippie..all the girls in da house!!!Even though simple...but still yummy. Hehehe. After makan2..we had our 1st meeting for our holiday plan. Yup..we r going to round UK dis 9 dec - 16 dec. InsyaAllah. The plan supposely to include Ireland..but alamak!!!The transportation around ireland is so expensive. Maybe next time..

Me n Djasmi plan for our trip from london to Wales. I'm thinking of going to cardiff, cardigan, abystwyth, snowdonia and beacon ..... (cant remember the name). A'ai, effy n yin plan for the scotland trip. 7 days - starting from london - cardiff - cardigan/abystwith - snowdonia/beacon - edinburgh - dundee - aberdeen - New Castle - London. Cukup x round satu UK? Liverpool and manchester maybe next time..coz its not that far from london. Now we r thinking travelling by bus/train or car rental. Its a bit dangerous driving in the winter..coz the snow n ice make the road slippery. Hmm..still thinking bout that. Can't wait to go to cardigan bay...nice sightseeing...
and also skiing at Highland...weeeee......then kene balik baca exam in January :(


Jake's Daughter said...

amboi plan....sabaq j la...Menarik tuh...Nak join bole???

DJ said...

hehehe..jom la join kak ida ;)


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