Nov 9, 2008

My First Shot

:: Jamrud - Pelangi di matamu ::

Yippie!!!!My flash card arrived today! Thank Q Amazon for the fast services. Have a few test on my shot..n then hav to go to high street to do some shopping. But these are some pic that I managed to take before that. My first ever shot with the new dslr.

Sorry my dressing table is a bit messy (ni ala2 nk buat macro pic konon..heheh)

In the afternoon..i bring my dslr for walk (mcm pet la plak..hohoho). We went to victoria station to fecth yin's friend. Some of the nice pic of me :(

Thanks to my 2 beautiful model. They r really pretty. Hope me too...wanna be a model as well ;p



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