Nov 29, 2008

Tour De UK

::Faizal Tahir-Sampai syurga::

It is confirm!!Will be touring UK this 9th dec - 15th dec. Cant wait!Hav rented a car, bcoz its a bit late,we dont hav any choice but hav to rent dis renault magne 1.6. Juz finished booking the hotel..I'm incharge to find n booked 3 hotel...pembrokeshire, liverpool and aberdeen. Lets see whats our draft trip plan be:-

Day 1 (9/12/08) : London to cardiff (Cardiff castle n lepaking at cardiff city)...then sleep at pembrokeshire that nite. I found a nice resort for us- Newport Link Golf Resort. Its near the sightseeing!!

Day 2 (10/12/08):Visit the castell henllys and head towards Snowdonia n then spend the nite in Liverpool. Will be staying in Haydock St helens travel lodge. Why I chose dis place??Cheap n near to anfield stadium...yup!!!will be going to anfield the next morning. Hahaha

Day 3 (11/12/08): Anfield and then head to Aviemore, scotland.We r going to skii..weee..where r we staying??not sure coz yin n a'ai plan 4 dis one. But maybe we r staying at highlander hotel.

Day 4 (12/12/08): still in aviemore

Day 5 (13/12/08): Aberdeen here we come!!!Maybe visits some old castle. Will be staying in Bucksburn travel lodge. Again bcoz its cheap n the room is big!!the 4 of us can share the room n sleep comfortably. 4???yup..effy cant join us..too bad...the budget also has increase per person. Owh no!!

Day 6 (14/12/08): Edinburgh - New castle - leeds. hav no idea what r the girl's plan here.

Day 7 (15/12/08): Manchester (of coz the famous old trafford) n will be heading back home!!!!

Its kinda hard to plan dis trip..coz hav to approximate the days n timing from one place to another...need to do that coz hav to book the hotel earlier. Really hope that all our calculation is correct. That includes the mileage and fuel cost too..n as usual..i'm the one who calculated it ;p. So hope i don make any mistakes when considering all the factors (cheh...ala2 probability class gitu!!). Wait till the real day...will see the variance between our expectation n observation value.


Jake's Daughter said...

Bestnye plan...Selamat bercuti ek...

kak nora said...

Welcome to Newcastle DJ!! kirim salam org2 Newcastle ek... hihi rindduu..

Take care.. To the driver: Drive carefully.


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