Nov 5, 2008

My packages

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I Recieve my packages today!!First my principles of corporate finance book. It only cost me 2.67pd. But when I open the's not the book that I've ordered but corporate finance book!!!!Its more advance than the principles one. But cost me 2pd only n free delivery. If I wanted to send it back..I will bear the cost of delivery...better not do it. But very satisfied coz its a new book with only minor damage.

My second package arrive shortly after the 1st!!!!It's my first DSLR camera. But I buy this for my dad actually. Kind of borrow it for a little while here. Some more I already hav D80 in KL..Hohohohohoo...Its nice...I like it very much...but have not start to use it...too busy doing my assignment. And yet the battery has not finish caharging and I havent buy the memory card yet ;p

Great deal with They even gave me free voucher. But unfortunately the 40pound voucher is for virgin wines. I'm not drinking wine!!!!Hmm..have to give to my classmate...Suki maybe??Or JK??Hahahahah..

First, I wanted to buy Nikon D40 (even though many of my frenz suggest that I buy D60 n D40x..but too expensive) is out of stock (tula..tunggu lagi harga makin dah grab dulu!!). Then I read this cam review(SONY A200k). Not bad!!!!Love it..there r promotion from sony as I got this cam for 210pd only. Cheap!!!!! Now..hav to wait for my economy book to arrive. sigh..



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