Nov 28, 2008

Part timer:Hairdresser

::Matt Nathanson - Come on get higher::

Since when I started my part time job??Hmm....back in my high school - SMSLD...i cut Tasha's hair. Not that pretty bole la. N then dis of my housemate really wanted to have haircut...I dunno why she choose me..hahahah..i'm not that expert la..but managed to cut it. I also wanted a haircut...should I call umairah???She has a hair saloon here..but maybe asking her to make house treatment will be a bit expensive...sigh

Hav a lot of work to do:-

1)Financial accounting coursework (due on 8th dec)
2)Probabilty n stat test (today!!! Nov 28)
3)Economics test (3rd dec)
4)Financial Math test (1st dec)

Hectic week for me...but cant wait to finish dis sem..will be having our winter break after that..planning to go around UK (will update later bout the plan trip). But after the trip...hav to start studying, final is in january. After 2nd sem start. Gosh!!!What???Dont hav enough rest!!!Dont hav time to learn playing the guitar..aiyooo!!!!Okla..shud continue my study now..chow u all!!!

Juz bought parttime:as a baker...but wait!!I 4got 2 buy the 'loyang'..will be baking next time


Jake's Daughter said...

Amboi3 (baca mcm azwan ali pronounce tau, hahahaha......). rajinnya budak cumil nih masak...emm bagus2....
lg satu...emmm..awak pandai potong rambut ek? bole la tolong potong rambut akak ek..bole la...bole la...bole la...huhuhu


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