Nov 1, 2008

Actuarial Career Fair & Kensington Garden

::Take That - Shine::


Me n a'ai went to the actuarial career fair at the great hall city uni. Lots of big company participate in the fair. Prudential, Watson Wyat, Mercer, Grant-Thornton, AXA n many more. Here, you hav to apply now if you want to work next year. We should send our resume now!!!But I'm not that confident...they juz take 10 peeps around UK. Can u compete with the others??Hmmm...still thinking...But the main reason for going to the fair is...collecting goodies bag. Hehehehehe. Oooo..I Loooove it!!!! Khalid said we look smart that day..owh...slama ni nmpk sgt x smart ye????Hohohoho...I wear my office attire...miss my working days in KL..gosh..

Do I look like power office girl?Heheheh



A'ai, yin n me went to china town as usual for shopping. Then we went to MSD to submit some of our document n then head to Kensington garden...eating subway. Love sub of the day...only 1.99pd. Today sub of the day is Tuna!!!!

Chilli sauce is the best!!

Nice huh??




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