Nov 2, 2008

Ice Skating @ Queensway

:: Jason Mraz feat. Colbie Calliat- Lucky ::

Me, a'ai n Azrul went to Queensway for ice skating. It's my first time and I'm soooo afraid. My objective is to minimize my rate of falling. Hahahahah!! But I'm so amazed..after a'ai taught me (yeah..she's the pro here) for 15 minutes...(about 2 round of skating while holding a'ai's hand)...I can skate by my own. (I can stand by my own!). I am a FAST LEANER!!! That's what a'ai said to me. I'm soooo proud. Hmm..but I tawt I'm a slow leaner..coz last time when I'm cycling in Bukit Cerakah and play tennis..i didnt make it after trying so hard. I gave up for those two sports. But I got potential in ice skating (chewaaaahhhh!!!!). I only fell once but that's when I'm still on training with a'ai. This chinese guy skate through us and I lost my balance. My secret for not falling down....I skate slowly...hahahahahha...Can't wait to go skating with ofi at Sunway Pyramid. Wait for me ya!!!!

After that we went for makan-makan at cnr. A chinese halal restaurant in bayswater. Theres a lot of malaysian here. We even met Emma, our classmate. The food was nice. Luv it very much!!
Azrul's Seafood blackpaper noodle
My Fried Noodle (char keow teow abes!!)
A'ai's Thai Phad



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