Jun 27, 2009

My 2nd Shopping Heaven

::Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal::

After submitting our coursework (Risk Mgt), we went shopping at Covent Garden. Yippie. My second shopping heaven after Oxford street. Oxford street still the best la.Hehehe. Shopping - as a reward to ourself for finishing the coursework. Hahahah. Rewards that make a hole in my pocket. Aiyo!!! End up buying 3 bags coz it summer sale. Got lots n lots of discount. You know I cant see this sign %. Especially 70% or 50%. But still I'm the low level of shopaholic. Heheheh. Even though I bought 3 bags, but I still paid less than a'ai n yin who only bought 2 bags. They r the true shopaholic here. Actually I wanted to sell one of the bag to my fren but ofi said 'dont'. Coz its pretty, nice n suits me la. Hahahahah. So Ya..next time I buy it 4 u. Sapa suh x angkat phone time org call utk tanya taste dia. Kan da melepas. Heheh. Dont worry, will be going to Beceister Village next month. Hope I can find something nice for u there. Jgn lupa kirim duit kt mas n anis, diorang nk dtg sini nnt. Hehehehe. Btw, all shops n boutiques play MJ's songs today as a tribute for him. Not bad, enjoy all of his song. So ashamed that he got this case - molested child I think??He got the talent, wasted like that n also the plastic surgery thinggy...he's quit a good looking guy when he still 'black'. May he rest in peace (n I still dunno if he has converted to muslim or not??)

p/s-sapa2 mo kirim brg bole la berbuat demikian. But make sure to compare the price 1st ok. Will be shipping my stuff on august. Small n medium sizes only allowed, others like guitar..heheheh..sorry cinoi..cant help. Oh ya..belum tgk lg harga semi acoustic guitar tu, tp klu online harganya ada dlm range 200-350 pound (mahal jg tu, blm lg brand yamaha or fender..ni br aria n vintage aku jmpa). Belum berkesempatan pi music store..sorry


Qi_Cinoi.Lavigne said...

ahaha..ok2 dj.

nice jgk handbag.brapa la tu price nya.nnti kita im aku ya.

mohd ruzaini said...

boleh buat duit ni.. beli byk2. pastu jual kat malaysia.. aku just mampu beli beg pastik jer.. hehhehe


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