Oct 29, 2008

It Snowing in London!!

::Plain White T's - Natural Disaster ::

Yup..its snows here in london. About 2 hrs I think. Wow..experience snow for the first time in my life. Its hardly snows in London..so we took this chance playing outside the house..eventhough its cold and it is 10pm. Last year..its only snow 4 times...hmm..dis year??Wait n see. So I believe in the weather forecast..coz it 90% accurate. Hahahahah...2 degrees only...wait until the -ve temperature...can I hold it???


juanis l said...

Its nice to experience winter season hopefully you can withstand the extremely cold weather (Take care please wear thick clothing).Back home we are facing rainy days and maybe floods..Warmest regards from all of us here.

Adik said...

OK..I will. Love all of u


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