Mar 10, 2009

100306 - Another special entry

::Ari Lasso - Cinta Terakhir::

So happy. I'm so so happy ;D. Dunno how to express my feeling rite now. Today, me n ofi have been dating for 3 years. Actually we dont have any official anniversary date (coz we dont have one!). I always think that 0303 is the official one...but ofi said 1003. We have some argument here. So what do u think guys??The special date should be 0303 where our 1st meeting or 1003, our first date??Vote now..AFUNDI...hahaha. Talking about afundi...really like AF7 students for this year. Semuanya mantap2 belaka. Hahahah. Below pic...just wanna show our height difference. (so obvious!!) even though I'm wearing my high heels. T_T

at shima's wedding (we do look alike rite?)

If we got married in future (insyaAllah..amin..), cannot imagine how the bride n bridegroom look like when standing n walking together...again T_T.


azanin said...

molek sungguh gambar di pelamin tu dj..cepat2la

Qi_Cinoi.Lavigne said...

aku vote 1003..ahahahaha...

~ainulafidah~ said...

aku jg vote 1003. sori dj tesokong ofie pulak.hehehe
bah cpt2la dj...xsaba btul suda kmu ni mo kawen nie...jan lama2...hehehe. yg ptg jan lupa jmpt aku...inform seawl yg mgkn spy leh aku booking tiket & fly ke sbh tentunya :D

Pink Praying Mantis said...

okla..1003 la..huhuhuh

i L a said...

1103 lah dj..bday aku..hahaha..
anyway,jgn bimbang on how u gonna walk by ur hubby on ur wedding day...coz my hubby pun tinggi so i bought 2 inches punya heel n i look just fine right beside him..lagipun,kahwin nanti pakailah crown yang tinggi..hehehe..


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