Mar 28, 2009

[L]askar [P]elangi

::Float-Waltz musim pelangi::

Juz watched laskar pelangi the movie (one with high quality) at youtube. Tq to my favourite uploadar, jaguarlampung. I watched many indonesian movie from his channel. Semuanya bagus bangat. Recommended muvie..oh,my god! (ada mocca lg tu), coblos cinta, oh!baby (ada j-rock!!!..kerennn habiss!!), me vs high heel...n many more.

I juz cant stop crying while watching laskar pelangi. From part 1 to part 12...non stop..tears keep coming down T_T. sad to see how they manage to keep the school still going..

A story about a small poor school situated in the richest island..Pulau Belitung.Rich for its tin ore? There are only 2 teachers and 10 students..together they struggle for education...for the poor of course. They use bali slang I think..coz heard a bit like Malay...with 'e' at the end (contoh: iya=iye, berapa=berape, tentera=tentere..ala2 semenanjung la). overall..9/10. Not only sad...but there still humor in dis movie. :P



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