Mar 15, 2009

I lost my handphone


I'm so sad. I've lost my white Nokia 6288 hp. I went to high street just now to buy some stuff and when I enter the mall, suddenly I remember that today is ofi's dad birthday. So I search for my hp in my handbag to text and wish happy birthday...but then I realized that my hp is missing. Then I tawt maybe I left it in my house. When I came back...seraching and searching..asked yin to call my said the hp is switch off. Confirm!!!!I've lost it!!!! I'm not sad because of the I listed why I'm sad:-

1)Bought it with my first salary (with 2gb..RM900)
2)There r over 1000 SMS from dear ofi (and few from my family)
3)Lots of our pic (me n ofi again)
4)Recording files of ofi while he playing with his guitar thru the YM call
5)My celcom simcard which is the same number with ofi only the last digit is differ (we buy it buy it and gave to romantic having a similar no..hehehe)
6)Lots of mp3
7)Note in front of the hp was written by ofi way back in 2007 and i never erased it. Can't remember but a bit like this "bahagia berada disamping awak. sayang awak sangat2-s*****n" lebih kurang la kot...
8)People will say I'm careless or clumsy. Aiyo...never been like this before. Never lost anything (ok, except when there's a burglar in my house last year..but that's not careless...they managed to cut the gate ok!!Took my purse...dont worry no money inside..and the necklace that ofi gave to me..aiyo!!-Hint2* :p). I'm not careless!!!!

Seems that I lost everything from dear ofi (is this a sign??)No..No..dont think negative. Hahaha.
Ofi...Hint2(I want new gift..hehehe..juz kidding). Thinking of buying new hp...LG cookie maybe???Love LG Renoir..but too expensive lorr..N series??Will decide later..since hp is not that important thing here in London (coz no one call me...too expensive.Even my parents never call me..hehehehe...the power of YM!!)



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