Mar 7, 2009

Craving for Sushi?

::Beyonce-Crazy in Love:: Yesterday I went to Sushi Hiroba restaurant at Holborn to try some of their sushi. 5 Stars!!!!!Well done. Hahaha. A bit expensive but worth it laa. I ordered Scallop sushi, salmon teriyakai and tako(choices of menu ats sebab2 tertentu :P). Dessert..dorayaki with custard cream (yeay..I miss doraemon..heheh). My fren's salmon katsu was not bad too. The place is nice, cosy, fantastic and so much more laa. But at first we need to wait before seated. So many customer. Pheww..Btw, the scallop sushi was raw...eeeww..but I managed to eat that. Not that bad. hahaha. Pic not clear bcoz of the lighting and I dont bring my dlsr. Next stop..habibi sushi at Liverpool street (halal sushi restaurant).Owh, cant wait!!!

Waiting for sushi

The wasabi and sipi2 of raw scallop, teriyaki katsu and alaska cut




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