Mar 18, 2009

My new touch

::Take That-Reach out::
My new touch?Apaka??Hahaha...actually Juz received by new hp. Bought online yesterday and got it today. Thak you carphone warehouse. It is my 1st touch screen hp. Hahahaha. Juz 100pound (approximately RM510). Cheap isnt it??? I'm so happy. Haven't yet explore coz it still charging. Thats my 1st happy moment for today.

My 2nd happy moment, I've got an interview this March 25th. Yippiee!!!! Lately, some of my friends attending interviews and applying for new job. (so, x nak ketinggalan jg..heheheh). I Send some resume to the company that participate in the UKEC Career Fair 2009 here in UCL. Alhamdulillah...I will attend the EPF interview (confirm!). Thanks to Sofe for recommended us to ur boss, hehehehe. There are 25 shortlisted candidates (a bit tough..but I'll do my bets, juz trying my luck). I also got an interview from pricewatercooper (PwC). They are recruiting non-accounting student to train and give course in basic accounting. This one, I've not confirm yet to attend. Why??Such a big company...and I know there's a lot of competition (same as EPF too) but this is an international company. I'm not that confident and they ask to bring a lots of stuff (so malas la...). But it still in my list. They offer 3 position and ask me to choose (assurance, tax or advisor). Apa ke bende ni???Will decided later after I've finish my coursework...stop daydreaming for a while bout getting a job. Do wish me luck ok!

*UKEC Graduan career fair - job opportunities in M'sia (jaunhya cari pekerja?hehehe). 29 companies will participate in this fair. 29-30th March at UCL. (looking forward from BNM and come they did not contact me????) add info please feel free to visit


azurasirri said...

wah jak phone ohhh...murah plak tu..jeles saya..hahaha


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