Mar 22, 2009

Effy's Birthday

::Happy birthday to you - by me::

Today is effy's birthday. Last nite we celebrate at home n today we went to Nando's in Bayswater for another celebration. Yup!!Its Halal Nando's. What can I say??It's much better than M'sian Nandos..maybe the cook was originally from portugal???I think so la...coz lots of the staff look like portugese. Even the cashier look like C.Ronaldo. Hohohoho but C.Ronaldo of MU is way handsome than the cashier..but they do look a like..

Effy is the 'kakak' among us. She's a year older than me, n the 1st celebrate beday for this year(among us la..) but I still feel that we r the same age n I'm feeling old too...Aiyoo!!!So pic effy's room last nite (she juz woke up...kesian!!!) and of coz the nandos picies..and as usual..photographer didnt hav many sad!!!

on our way

the humous ate with pita bread

nak balik dah..bye2 nandos..bye2 bayswater



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