Mar 22, 2009

DJ si Pengkritik Tetap


I love weekend. Why?? Coz I can watch OIAM3 and AF7. Hahahaha. Streaming of course...

Let us talk about OIAM3 first. This week (top 8) I like Esther, amylea, nine and rizu. Esther won the immunity dis week with the song wont go home without you. I love the a new song. Amylea version of I'm yours (jasson mraz) was not bad either. Jazz arrangmnt in the song. Nanges la jason klu dengar..hahahaha. Rizu sang mercy by duffy n nine sang a cover from cokelat, karma. Love nine also..hehehe..the je.

AF7, one of the best concert (heheh..pdhal br 2nd concert). Why I like it so much??Coz they sang medley song(1 ballad song + 1 fast track)...for me its an enjoyable performance. My fav for this week....
1)Sidi - juz love his voice ;) (selamat ulang tahun + Kukoo)
2)Akim, coz he sang satu by dewa(my fav song) n buronan cinta by the lima...heheheh not bad
3)Obri - coz he sang akan tiba by aliff + Ada untukmu (nubhan)..even though ada slack byk..
4)zizi - sembilu + wonder women (sound like 'shima-teringin' sang ella song..hahahah)
5)Rini-she work in maybank bangsar b4, patutla mcm familiar face..slalu nmpk kt dtrn maybank...(off topic sat)
6)Aril - coz he's handsome n he can dance. (benar2 + robot)
7)Yazid - nice voice n nice hair ;p (lelaki ini + fikirlah)
8)Claudia - mcm dayang nyanyi lagu siti...;P (wanita+ku mahu)
9)Hafiz - coz he cute n have nice voice n hair like giring nidji...haha (cinta ini m'bunuhku+toyol)
Adila was not that bad too..but she's not lucky enough to get vote from m'sian. Thats y la time jd artis pon x famous..coz ppl mmg x minat dia useless masuk AF. But the truth...they all need to improve...just performance..but njoyable to watch if u dont hav anything to do on ur weekend like me..hahahaha.

Overall, OIAM3 is much better than AF7 student..but its ok..they still new. Kena belajar banyak lagi..hehehe.


mohamad aziddin said...

Assalammualaikum.Im Aziddin from Malaysia. Im here to ask u smthn about MARA SPC. Hope u r convenient to reply me via e-mail asap. Thank u in advance!

Pink Praying Mantis said...

whats ur email??


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