Oct 12, 2008


:: Cinta Laura - Oh Baby! ::
Yeah!!!I've been in London for 1 month already. Kinda fun here. Hehehehe!!! Thank god i'm in a good health and believe it or not??I dont have any sinus/sneezing/running nose problem here compare to when I'm in Malaysia. Maybe my nose has imune to the weather here. Hohoho.

Miss all the things in M'sia. I miss KFC n McD n also watch movies (with ehem..ehem). Of coz I know there' s a cinema here too but the ticket..6pound..what????Maybe I'll not step insde (except for Harry Potter next july...temankn a'ai). Below..randomly pick pic for my 1 month anniversary...heh...

I love my room so much coz it cosy n warm compare to the other girl's room. Their room r very cold. I cant stand it. Some more I can cuci2 my mata. Usually watch this cat n fox sunbathing n sleep at our backyard. I can see the sun set n the full moon (every 13th/14th/15th of Islam Calendar). Its almost full moon now...

Love to cook very much..but sadly the oven is not functioning...hav to forget about baking. Love to bake too.Below pic...carbonara pasta I made juz now n Spaghetti that I made way back home in Sabah



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