Oct 19, 2008

Cass International Student Event

:: Bleeding Love - Ofi's version (Leona Lewis cover) ::

Yup, it is an event for international student organized by our Cass Business School. The space are limited and thankfully that all of us (my housemate) got the place. Thank you Cass!! Hehehehe. I think there were 40-50 students join the event. We are split into small group (sadly I’m separated from yin n a’ai but still…with the US girl…nasib baik x sorg2). Started our London tour (which is tour around our school n London city only…:( ) n then we also went to the Museum of London. Learn a lot about London History… For the first time I heard about The Great Fire in London. Happen in 2 Sept 1666 and it last for 5 days (so long…u know there’s no fire brigade at that time n bcoz of its dry climate). It started by a baker in Pudding Lane. This bakery r to be blame!!!Hahahahah..It destroyed nearly four-fifths of the city u know.

Along the way..I found fortis (which is join with maybank to be the mayban fortis or a.k.a Etiqa) and also Maybank (our local bank here in London..wow!!!)

Actually there r many more historic n important building which I did not really remember...we saw 30 St Mary Axe, Moorhouse, Shakespeare memorial (use to live in London) and the glass building with blue n yellow pipe (uh..4got the name)...

as usual waiting for the rail from our house to cass

In front of the London Musuem

In front of the guildhall : the ceremonial and administrative centre of the City

I think this is bank station clock tower..hehehe

Maybank Branch in London (near to our school)

The Royal Exchange and Bank of England

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