Oct 28, 2008

My Future Husband..opppssie...Camera

::Plain White T's - Let me take u there::

I'm thinking of buying new camera bcoz my old cam is outdated and lately the pic r not really beautiful (since when I got a nice shot?Heheheh). So, I'm thinking maybe I can grab an slr cam...but the price r so expensive. Eventhough I am afford to buy it..still thinking of it..i tawt I'm juz wasting my money. But to think it more clearly..I can buy the cam n then sold it when I'm back in M'sia..I can gain some profit. Confused2.

I'm thinking of buying Nikon D40 which cost me 249pd (with 18-55mm lens) or the D60 which is 349pd. Then..I think its too big for me..n somemore I'm a very shy girl to bring the camera along. Hahahahah...n I'm not that pro either.

How about this Canon Powershot SX 100 IS??It cost 189pd. Hmm...????

But..I'm preety sure (80%)..that I want to buy this camera. Canon Powershot E1. Cute isnt it?? With 10MP but only 4X zoom???Which color should I buy??Dunno yet...but I like this camera very much n its cheap compare others...only 129pd (Argos price)...Any comment???


juanis l said...

you can buy the Nikon D40 or D60 if you have money and you can sell it to me or as a gift when you come back to malaysia.

Adik diana yg cute said...

Oooo...gud idea. Tp ingatkn nk bagi daddy videocam..sbb dad suka rakam2 video..


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