Oct 5, 2008

Our Open House

:: Sheila on 7 - Melompat lebih tinggi ::

Its our Raya open house + House Warming. Peeps that came today were Azrul n his fren Dr.Razman (Doctor that working in uk..hmm..), Khalid (our classmate that graduated from oxford in Bsc Math..wow!!!) n Sofi (bdk kelas sebelah - Actuarial Mgt). We hav fun (r we??). But the food was fab. Thanks to all my housemate. Me as usual...juz lending my hand to help n I do my famous macaroni n chicken salad (famous konon). Hehehe.

Nasib baik umah jauh dr azrul..klu x mesti die suka hang out kt umah ktorg..hehehe..sian die c batang kara...next stop..m'sian student dept open house..yummy..free lunch!!



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