Oct 11, 2008

My Petunia Life in London – Part 1 (Food)

:: Ecca – Malu-malu tapi mau :: Lots of my fren keep asking me bout my life in London. I dunno where to start but I’ve draft my blog into few parts. So for the 1st post I will tell about foods in London. Hehehe. It is my first time outside M’sia. I’ve never been away before..not that kind of peeps who hav lots of money to travel or holiday in overseas. So I’m very thankful to MARA coz giving me the chance to further my studies n I can go outside m’sia for the first time! Okay let’s start…
In London, it’s very easy to find halal food. (or maybe certain area?). For example here in walthamstow. But they said that walthamstow is muslim area (is it?). But most of halal restaurant or café are own by Indian/Pakistan/Arabic. So u can guess what type of food they served. Is it fine if I compare their restaurant with Mamak restaurant in M’sia???I don’t really like the food but I guess ofi would love it. Lots of Tika masala, Beriyani, mutton…owh my!!! But I like chicken tika in Kebabish (near my house). The only malay restaurant that I’ve ever been is Prince of Wales. Is there any malay restaurant here?? Have to explore more. I know Sup Ani Utara also has open their franchise here..but it’s a bit far from London. As for fast food.. I only found Subway halal. Is there any McD n KFC halal here??Again..need to google more.

We (which means me, yin n a’ai) always cook. Mostly every day. We take turn or sometimes diserfy our task, hehehe. We done our groceries in ASDA and TESCO and sometimes Sainsbury’s. There’s also a lot of fresh market in High Street. Halal Meat is everywhere. But after some research, we find out that ASDA’s halal meat is the cheapest among all. So we often go to ASDA which is in Leyton (jauhnye p shopping..). Its quit far n somemore the girls like to shop like hell…so hav to bring home a lot of stuff which make my muscle pain…nvm..we juz do this once a week. Can massage2 b4 we make another round next week.

Is there any M’sian food here? I mean the raw ingredient s(what’s this??). You can find some import m’sian food in ASDA, few in arab shop and a lot in China Town! We hav decided to go shopping in china town only once a month. So much spending here…so need to control ourself. Hehehe. Here U can find Maggi chilli sauce, Maggi as the maggi, santan rasaku, perencah nasi goreng adabi, milo, ikan bilis, udang kering and many more. I also saw the panda biscuit that ofi like very much. Want to buy..but 1 pound???So expensive for a small box.

A’ai always cooks hot n spicy stuff n result in stomach ache..hehehe. Yin famous with her veges. (sayur senang nak masak pon) Me??Hmm..I juz helping around and sometimes I cooked curry, masak lemak, and ayam goreng kunyit. Nice huh?? Today for breakfast..I made fried macaroni which all of them including the US girls said its very delicious..(bangga..bangga). Maybe this weekend I plan to do pasta carbonara (nyum..nyum). Learn a lot of western dishes from effy (the US girl).

What I don’t like here?I don’t like the water..I mean the drinking water. Even the bottled water taste funny. The only bottled water that I drink is Aqua-Pura. U can drink straight away from the water tap..but the cold one. The hot water contain plumbum. I think the tap water doesn’t taste good bcoz of too much chlorine. Can I say that?? So, I often drink juice here..mostly apple juice. I also hav change my diet plan. I try to eat more fish n milk (u know i dont eat seafood). Actually i dont drink the milk..but i use it n my cereal n in my cooking. Hahaha..thats how I finish my fresh milk.

gmbr food n me in china town



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