Oct 27, 2008

Salsa Class & Weekend at London city


I start my salsa class today at the dance studio in Barbican YMCA. Yippie!!!!First time experience dancing in a dance studio with a big mirror. Our trainer is so smooth n soft n delicate??? I tawt its gonna be easy..but nope!!!Salsa is so hard...I keep forgetting my steps. Hav to practice b4 the next class..but I really njoy it!!! One time..I accidently bump into this handsome greek guy (actually he' s the one with wrong steps!!)..he hug me a little n say sorry (wow!!!!Hehehehe..mentang2 la hensem). Not many guys participate in the class. Yeah..hard to find guys that like to dance. There r only 5 of them and the rest..20 girls.

After the class, we went to startbucks coffee near moorgate I think. So many shops,cafe n restaurant closed. London city is just like a dead city on weekend. According to statistic...300,000 ppl came to the city on weekdays for work n some for studying (which is us!!!) Can u imagine how crowded the tube,underground n overground station. We r one of them..but only on thursday..coz that day our class start at 9am. Hav to join this bunch of ppl to go to the city. Oh,My!! But on weekend...there r only 10,000 ppl left in the city. Wow...thats why all the shop closed...not getting any profit there...maybe their production cost are greater than their profit on weekend. Even Mark&Spencer closed on weekend. Luckily their public transport r very efficient..not like M'sia. You know how bad the public transport in KL usually on peak hours...I know!!!I've been there b4...

My Frapuccino Caramel Cream

After the salsa class..penat2



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