Oct 10, 2008

Tribute to MOCCA

This post is tribute to one of my fav band from indon which is Mocca. Love their songs very much. Here r some of my fav song + fav clip. Hey, let us do one band like this here?I'll be the vocals...huahahuahua..

1) The best thing in the world

2) Me & My Boyfriend - All time fav

3) I remember - This song is also aired in the korean tv show, 'we got married'. Congratz guys..

4) My only one - cant find their real vc in utube

5) Secret Admirev - Not their vc too

6) Happy

7) Hanya satu -OST Untuk Rena

That's all 4 now. More songs? Go youtube urself. Other best song;I would never, Friends, Tomorrow, Swing it bob, n etc....



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