Oct 27, 2008

Daylight Saving's Funny Story

::Britney Spears - Overprotected::

Do you know what is DST??Daylight Saving Time?? I just knew it today..wow!!! How unknowledgable I am (kuikuikui). On DST, you hav to adjust your clock backward an hour. The reason?Simply..you have more daylight in the afternoon. Gosh..its the end of autumn..the winter is coming. Can't wait to feel the -ve temperature next week. We also need to adjust our clock forward on spring. Still...spring is far far away..

The funny stories...Our laptop/pc clock is automatically change with the DST. Before we knew about DST, yin keep on changing her laptop's clock bcoz its early an hour..but the laptop keep on changing it..so she's very confuse..hahahahah. Me..as usual tawt that maghrib is too early..I put it on my status and I think someone realized it. Then sofe told a'ai that it is DST...so dont go to school early tomorrow. Hahahaha!!! Thank God..we dont go shopping at 11am this morning..coz its not yet 11am. ASDA x buka lagi..huahahauah...

Thats y I'm so lazy to wake up dis morning (xde kena mengena pon..hehehe). Luckily Malaysia dont have dis DST. Hohoho..leave u all an old pic of mine..(not that old). Helping out BMI project..buat sayap je ;p and a day out with my frens at etiqa. Miss Malaysia very much..



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