Oct 5, 2008

1st Syawal in London

:: Siti Nurhaliza - Nazam Lebaran ::

Yup, its my 1st day raya in London. Wake up early in the morning (liar, not that early actually). Take turn bath then put in our splendid baju kurung/kebaya and make up! I played the takbir on my laptop..thanks to dear ofi..he saved it on my laptop. So we can feel like Raya also here with the sound of takbir. Tq Tq.

We all went to MSD (m’sian student dept/M’san Hall). X semayang raya pun..pi utk mkn je. Hehehe. Our breakfast is nasi tomato with chicken. Chit chat with some of our friends n then we went to the Kensington Garden while waiting for another open house at 1pm in M’sia High commission. Took many picture n then head to west hampstead tube station. Detour to one of azrul’s friend house near the station and we play zooloretto (board game). Its my 1st time play but I got no 2. Yin won the game..its her 1st time too. At last we went to the open house at 2pm (gara2 syok sgt main game).

Open house was great. Lots of food. Buffet style. There’s Lontong, satay, lemang, bahulu and many more. Feel like real Raya. Lots of rich peeps (vvip n embassy) which I don’t really recognize. Hahaha. We went home at 4pm…that’s all of our raya activity….(after shopping at ASDA too).

Nite…help djasmi n effy make popia. Br rasa mcm raya eve..but 1 day late.

Btw, I bought my new boot from Mark n Spencer one day b4 Raya...not that pretty but hav no choice bcoz thats only one in my size n esok da nak raya..no shoes at all. So regret...but I already bought new boots from Primark which only cost 12pd. So cheap (dont convert in RM ok!) n so cute.



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