Oct 5, 2008

A Date with Yin

:: Sheila on 7 - Bertapa ::

Yup..a date with yin coz its only the two of us. A'ai x nak join..puasa konon...cant eat while jalan-jalan. Alasan..but if we went out for shopping..she's no.1! Me n Yin jalan-jalan mcm pro. Gaya confident la. We went to London Bridge, Hays' Gallery, Picadilly circus and St. James Park. St James Park dah dkt ke Buckingham Palace..but we r too tired to continue our journey. So we went home after that. Kena balik masak for buka puasa...nnt a'ai bising x de org nk tlg msk. Hehehe. Here r some pic...others pic maybe upload in my flickr soon...

How I wish I can bring ofi jalan-jalan to this park. So lovely n byk org dating2 n make love...huahuahua...



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