Jun 18, 2009

Makan again

Hahaha, its me again. Of course its me coz its my blog anyway. Okla enough of my 'half brain'. Ofi gave me an idea to do a review for bazaar ramadhan for my foodsie when i'm back m'sia (masak-masak blog also did this for every year). But its not confirm yet and I know its hard for me n ofi to find the right time for being together2. Hahaha. Actually the real thing is that I want to tell my fellow readers about my bazaar ramadhan story. When I'm in my 2nd year degree in UiTM of coz, Me, tifa , mira and sometimes yin went to all (mostly) bazaar ramadhan in shah alam. We explore all bazaar to find the most delicious food (which was the same actually everywhere..ehehhe) and sambil2 jalan2 luar UiTM. Heheheheh. But if I think back, wow...sanggup jalan jauh2 pi cari bazaar (its far bcoz none of us hav car and we only travel by the mini bus). So the bazaar that we hav conquered..hahaha, stadium shah alam (sek 13-the biggest one n not so crowded),sek2(very crowded...mosly student),sek9,sek17,sek18,UiTM,sek7 lama,sek7 baru and many more...hmm forget oredi maa..long2 time ago. Haaa, the most lively pasar ramadhan is in the town itself. Sek 11 maybe?? Why is it lively??U know that sri pentas 2 is near there, so u can meet familiar faces, celebrity of course, buying food for their buka puasa. eg:Azmeer,ziana zain, cat farish, liza hanim, snd many more. Ok, going to sleep now. Cant wait to hav my early breakfast tommorrow morning. Gud nite uols.



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