Jun 11, 2009

the Blackout & the Strike

::Ungu-Waktu yg dinanti::

2 days without electricity and 2 days of RMT strike can make my life miserable and crazy! been offline for 2 days due to our wire n electricity meter gone blast out by small fire. Lucky for us coz realize it earlier. If not, it may be cause a real massive problem. Put out the fire using cloth, common sense:electricity on fire with water=explosion. Hehehehe. The electrician told us that the wire n meter cannot support our electricity usage. Thats why its on fire (or can we said short circuit?Ntah la, dont really understand bout electrical). Are we wasting electricity that much??Nope!!The meter itself was an old meter. They have change for a new meter n wire. Thank you EDF! But 2 days without electricity??Wow...long time

Tube strike for 2 days coz the staff wanted to get a 2%(klu x silap la) raise in their pay also contribute a real hardship in my life on these 2 days. Owh, my! Will be over tommorow. Make me missed my quantity risk management class :(, caught in the traffic, being in crowded with other londoners, tired, hungry and all the bad things la.

Would like to wish my friend, Cindy a.k.a cindai, a Happy joy Birthday!!!

My blog is best viewed with mozilla firefox and internet explorer 8.0. sorry guys!!But still viewable and readable la...heheh. Too tired to blog, my word also seems to be ery the tunggang langgang.Adoiyai...



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