Jun 20, 2009

Great idea for kids

::Spider-Nazraku:: Hey check out this website http://kookyculinary.com/ got a lots of ideas for kid's bento (home packed meal). I like th idea of decorating the food so that the kids will attract to eat them and I also like how she combined the food, healthy foods + junk foods (hey, dont stop ur kids eating this..they r still kids. Let them enjoy it). I think the blogger is a chinesse m'sian that live in US.. i think so la.. Will do these in future when I have my own kids (the real kids not the kitten ok..heheh) InsyaAllah..amin. Let see some bento ideas:


ofie said...

waaa.sedap and lawa!

Pink Praying Mantis said...

hehehe..ni utk anak2 kita. hahahaha. :P


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