Jun 21, 2009

Experiment #1 - Dimsum - Jiaozi

::Gigi -Ya Ya Ya::

Lately I'm craving for dimsum. You can tell by reading my previous blog. Hehehe. So I try to make one coz I dunno wheres halal dimsum here and yesterday went to chinatown to buy some local food n tried searching for the dumpling wrapper too, but I'm too 'waswas'. So I decided to make my own dumpling wrapper/skin. Another problem, I cant find any wheat starch so ended up doing Jiaozi or a.k.a shrimp dumpling coz this kind of dimsum use flour as the skin. Actually I dont really understand the recipe la, some use flour, some us wheat starch n tapioca flour. Confuse2. Finally I made my own recipe, after reading all kind of recipe on the net. Even though it is supposely a shrimp dumpling but I use fish n chicken sausage instead. heheheh. Let we see hows the progress:

The dough: flour, salt n hot water. the simplest way to make the skin. malas mo cari bahan2 lain. Some use eggs too.

Preapare the filling:carrot,chicken sausage, fish fillet, garlic, black pepper,salt n a bit soy sauce

Knead, roll n cut into small pieces. Then roll again the small pieces until u get a nice round thin skin

Put the filling-fold the wrappers-plead the edges to seal

Put into boiling water or can also be fry

It will cook for about 8-10 minutes n the dim sum started to 'terapung'

Serve while hot-boiled or fried. The sauce r made of soy sauce + chopped n crush ginger. walla. can eat...

same as the professional one kan??



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