Jun 18, 2009

When I'm Hungry...

Hello fellas,

Gues what will I do if i'm hungry and dont hav anything to eat? Heheheheh. I simply click to http://masak-masak.blogspot.com/ for my 'jamu mata'. After watching all the foods there, i'm full. Believe it or not? Believe it!!! (ikut cara dean cain ckp dlm ripley's believe it or not?heheheh) Try visit the blog. So many idea where to eat n dine out. Mostly in KL and selangor. I juz told ofi that I'm craving for grilled chicken with rice from secret recipe. Cant wait!!!! And I also has list down my fav food at smsld.net (our school forum). So here you go..actually its a tagged by the forum member:

1. Tomyam - anything from tomyam siam,tomyam kung, bihun, keow tiau etc
2. Nasi Ayam - from sabah chicken rice, sabah noodle house or Alice or anywhere in Sabah la...very the yummy, even nasi ayam in s'jung cannot beat nasi ayam here.I wonder why??
3. Nasi lalap from restoran santai lahad datu (I wonder if this restaurant still there??my fren said that nasi lalap was originally from miri s'wak???No wonder i hardly find it)
4. Mee basah - the one from sabah coz mee basah in s'jung is really different. I tried mee ladna,mee kungfu n mee cantonesse in s'jung coz it looks like mee basah sabah but no!!Its not. I wonder if they hav other name for this mee basah.
5. Nasi goreng kampung - the best is in perlis (setakat ni la and maybe coz I ate it for the 1st time in perlis..hehehe)
6. Soto..not the normal soto like johor soto or the chicken/beef soup thinggy one ..mmm cotto?Soto makasar?dunno what the exact name. I only eat this in sabah but I juz found out that org utara also hav the same soto coz effy cooked it here. hohohohoh. Got the recipe, tq effy,luv ya.
7. Any kind of sup - sup tulang, sup ayam, sup...

Place that I wanted to go for eat when I come back to M'sia:

1.Kenny rogers
2.Secret recipe - grilled chicken mushroom/black pepper with rice
3.William or Sri Murni in ss2 (coz ofi promise to bring me =P)
4.Steamboat - johnny's or maybe sabah hotel??my family always left me behind..sad2..heheheh
oo..i forgot..seoul bulgogi restaurant. grilled and steamboat at lrt kerinchi station. So yummy!!! Has always wanted to bring ofi here but always no time lorrr....
5.Chi dim sum in sek 9 s.alam or maybe in grand blue wave hotel? or ofi said pondok has dimsum.
6.Ocean king restaurant, sandakan - my seafood heaven, luv the seafood taufu and its cheap!!
7. Sup ani utara
8.Jasema??Hehehe..to be exact..any place that ofi bring me..I wanna go with him!!!!!

Suddenly I'm drooling for corn soup. Soup with egg, crab and corn of course. Hmmm..kt kl ada corn soup??Never heard..setakat ni la. Cant wait to go home. Dont forget to visit my foodsie even though its not yet updated. hehehehehe.



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