Jun 7, 2009

Inspirasi Perkahwinan

::Faizal Tahir-Aku punya Kamu::

My friend emma will be getting married on the 22 sept (raya ke-3). So now our group e-mail topic is all about the idea for her wedding preparation. Lucky for emma coz other member dah kawin. Hohohoho. But the single2 one also contribute some idea. My advice, watch NoNa at tv3 often (actually tifa told me this). Hahahah. The wedding segment is superb and some more I like the music background. Mellow2 song, owh it juz suits the mood. Owh..I love this blog http://weddinginspirasi.blogspot.com ..but dah x kene update :( Check out the kebaya that Zahnita wore..so pretty and the bed too..Huhuhuhu.

Okla..enough of wedding story. Would like to wish Happy birthday to my best friend, Anastasia @ Tasha @ tasaday. May all your wish come true and happy always. Ehem2...bole la tlg 'spy' kan ofi kt bmi. Hehehehehe.


Muna said...

hehe dj kenal anas jugak? she's my classmate also.


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