Jun 26, 2009

Student Life

::Mariah Carey feat Brian McKnight-Whenever u call::

Quick update about me (ala2 twitter la konon..heheh). Got lots of courswork to do. Aiyoo...
As usual,as a student, u always try to complete it few days before the due date rite?Even though I start early, but still...havent finish it yet. My hectic:

Topics in Quantity Risk Management - tommorrow (June 26)
Stochastic Asset-Liability Modelling - July 2nd
Pension finance Exam - July 2nd
Reinsurance - July 8th
Claim Reserving - July 8th
Financial Math resit exam - End of August

Owh not to forget, there will be a summer party to celebrate our end of term (year) on July 2nd at Gilgamesh (sort of bar..club..uuu). Dress code black and silver. Need to buy silver shirt..owh no...i dont hav time for shopping rite now. T_T

Got an excellent(for me la) mark for my research project. Thats mean my project is not that bad. Besides, many of my classmates juz got 'cukup2 makan'. Tq to .......hmm..dunno who mark my paper. hohohoh. daa...

p/s:juz heard that michael jackson died due to heart failure at age 50. Not confirm yet..maybe betul gak kn??


Qi_Cinoi.Lavigne said...

i heard too.n its true. may he rest in peace.peace ke??haha


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