Jun 23, 2009

Transformers:Revenge of The Fallen

::The Fray - Never say never ::

Watch this movie yesterday. Wohooo. Jangan jealous. The movie starts on the 19th here. Earlier than Malaysia. I loike. Overal 4.5 stars..hmm..more machines, more character, more action, more drama but something is not rite? Okla...dun wan to spoil it here. Go and watch urself. OOO..but I love to spoil the mood...juz wanna tell u that 'ada org/benda mati'. Hahahahaha...I'm the devil here >:) Hohoho. Love Josh duhamel..but why he's with fergie???:( owh n megan fox look so old n matured than sam...ee...not a good couple. My fav character??The one with megan fox..check it out.I watch the movie at The Vue cinema in islington. hebat!!!same like the biggest hall in GSC. n maybe bcoz it weekdays or maybe ppl here only love to watch theatres??There's only 12-20 ppl i guess. Hmm....free seating..wow!!! Pliz give me the green chevrolet. Hehehe


ofie said...

menyesal baca blog ni.

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