Jun 12, 2009

We (ofi & me)decided to have kids

::Beauty is you-Abdul & The coffee theory::

Kids above pronounce as 'Kits' which is the short form of kittens. hahahahah. It just a gimmick. Jangan marah ye!. We r talking bout this 'pet' topic when I told him that my brother juz bought a rabbit. And this morning my mum juz told me that they hav bought another rabbit (so there are a pair of bunny in my house), unfortunately he died. The rabbit seems to be sicked when they bought it. Ala..kesian dia. So, jaga arnab lg satu baik2 b4 I got back. Hehehe. Back to my kitten story. Do all persian cats hav the same look?I mean the face?Ofi told me this..i dunno ok. Here is my fav pic of kitten. Grey n white...so cute!!!!I want one!!



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