Jun 12, 2009


::Abdul & The coffee theory-Lovable::

First of all I would like to wish congratulation to all the medic student, my batch of course (2004-2009) for their graduation. Wow, 5 years...thats a long2 way to go. Aku sempat kerja 1thn lbh n sambung master lg. Hehehehe. Orait, juz joking. Jgn marah. Now they are waiting for their posting. Congratz to sudin coz dpt Hospital sandakan. hahahahah. Jmpa la ko sm parents ku. He juz told me juz now that he'll be reporting on monday n asked me bout the hospital. Sorry la geng, aku pun x tau sgt. Heheheh. Sudin is one of my old fren. We known each other coz he is my senior's brother (adik kpd usin, abg kpd yazid n faizal) and we joined chess tournament in Lahad datu n Tawau district. We also did our matriculation in the same college. Yup, KML gemilang n terbilang. hahahah. Ok, will update for the others when they inform me later. selamat ber BTN to all new govt doc. heheheh



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