Jun 17, 2009

So HaPPy

::no song::

Today I'm so happy bcoz yatt hamzah (ala pengacara dan pelakon manis tu) reply my message(mm..rizal armada pun pnh reply msg gue..hehehe). Bagus la yatt ni x sombong. Actually I asked her about her cooking in Nona. She can cook...and she can replace chef wan..hahaha...coz pot pet pot pet...same like chef wan lo. Chit chat a bit..n I think I start to like her..yeah..she's in my list now, one of my fav celebrity. Hahahah. Whoever doesnt know her, here some pic of her. So sweet..i loike...oo..i loike almy nadia too. hahaha

so sweet with her chocolate cake
check out the wedd kebaya...gorgoeus. but i dont like purple!!
Baju lawa

Wanna be juz like her. Sweet, lively, nice, funny, etc....
Some wedding idea for all of u (especially dok s'jung..yg dok sabah tu x dpt la den nak nolong yer) check out http://www.clickcouture.com.my/ for ur wedding professionals photographer. Kt sandakan ada photographer hebat ka?Bah cinoi..ko kawin dulu,nnt apa2 aku rujuk sm ko. Make up artis sm photgrapher aku mo follow tu. Hahahaha.


Qi_Cinoi.Lavigne said...

dj, maybe aku import seja if xda d sandakan.
yg penting aku mau buat vid sama manggis.tv...yeeuwww...cek them out

zher said...

can i hv ur email address please


Pink Praying Mantis said...

sapa ka?


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