Jun 14, 2009

13 06 09

::John Mayer-Say::

Yesterday was the sixth anniversary of our lovely couple (lovely ka??Hahahah) Azrani @ pooh and Azaninah @ Aza. Congratz to both of u!!!! Been together for 6 years, mmg jangka masa yg sgt lama. This couple also the most 'bertahan' couple from my high school, SMSLD. But they only started couple when we were in our matriculation year. Wish both of you a beautiful happiness and moga kekal hingga anak cucu. I believe that all my friends also cant wait for this couple 'nasi minyak'. It will be the most big reunion for the batch 98-02 if they two get married. hohohoho.
6 years???Hmm....me n ofi br nak masuk 4 thn. Lama jg tu..hehehe..boleh challenge.


azanin said...

tq dj...huhuh terharu ni isk..iskk


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